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Schatzi "the treasure"

Finishing the left over ice cream at home lukcy dog.jpg

Schatzi went to the Kokai's as a Vizsla Kleenex after they lost their beloved Nedda 3 years ago. She found her niche and takes great care of Iren and Frank and their granddaughter, Hanna. The report that she is a calm well tempered dog and has always been that way.

Schatzi, Hanna and Iren on the beach

Hanna Schatzi and nagymama on the beach.jpg

Shatzi, Hanna and Frank

Schatzi thinks she is a bat haning upside down.jpg

All sleeping on the couch.

Valentine Lovers

Lovers on Valentine day Makayla and Schatzi.JPG

Makayla and Schatzi kissing on Valentines Day.