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Jolli head study

jolli head study copy.jpg

Jolli on a stack

Patty-Jolli Stack FA copy.jpg

Patty shows off Jolli's stack in Florida, 2010. photo by Kenneth Reed

Mexican CH Jolli

Jolli Mex CH pic.jpg

Jolli traveled to the World Dog Show where he was shown by his owner Susan to his Mexican Championship.

BOB with Judge Donald Sturz

BOB Jolli and Patty w- Don SturtzPutnam'09.jpg

Patty Crowley wins Best of Breed under Judge Donald Sturz

Patty and Jolli at the Greenwich Specialty Show


David Margolin took this picture of Patty and Jolli at the Greenwich show. The make quite a pair.

Jolli wins Best of Breed in Philladelphia

BOB Jolli in Philly.jpg

Patty and Jolli win the breed in Philladelphia where they were on TV for the Nation wide telecast on Thanksgiving Day.

First Point

Baby Jolli hunter.jpg

Jolli shows early hunting talant.

VCA independent specialty AOM

Jolli AOM.jpg

In 2012 Jolli and Patty win an award of merit at the specialty before VCA Nationals.