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BISS GCH CH Lorac's Captain Jack Sparrow .jpg

Patty and Jack earn a Best in Specialty Show (BISS) at the Central New England Vizsla Club show. In Keene New Hampshire over a lovely group of 60+Vizslas

Jack Group 2 D. Dowling 8-7-13 WEB.jpg

Jack being awarded a Group 2 under Judge Dowling

Patty and Jack for web.jpg

Patty and jack out in the show ring.

Jack alone web.jpg

Jack alone

Jack and Patty on the run web.jpg

Patty and Jack on the run at the Summerset shows. Jack shows his beautiful movement.

Patty and Jack web.jpg

a photo shoot in the woods

Jack's portrait

Jack again.jpg

Good looking fellow Jack.

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